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PC Aprašas MicroStrategy helps organizations transform data into real-world intelligence to answer their toughest questions. In the new era of modern analytics, organizations look to get these answers to people across the globe faster than ever before.

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MicroStrategy is the new premiere viewing platform that brings the power of analytics right to the desktop—all at a faster speed. Get the instant response experience with new features unique to the app such as Smart Download and Automatic Refresh microstrategy demonstracinė versija predict and proactively download the content you need both online and offline.

Existing MicroStrategy users can connect the app to their MicroStrategy environment to view current content in the MicroStrategy Library. Note that this app will only work with environments on Update 7 and higher.

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New users can experience MicroStrategy by downloading the app and using our preconfigured demo dossiers. Legal Note: This application may include user-generated content that enables interaction with third party websites and applications through the use of embeds or external links.

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MicroStrategy is not affiliated with these third-party websites and applications. Rodyti daugiau.

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